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Patch 10.19
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What is MetaLoL?

MetaLoL uses champion statistics to create tier lists and build guides automatically.

I found a bug or otherwise need to contact you. How?

Send an email to [email protected]

Where does MetaLoL get its data?

MetaLoL has a crawler working 24/7 looking through Riot's API. For Solo Queue and Ranked 3v3, it tracks Platinum+ player data.

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How often does MetaLoL update?

Our crawler makes fresh data available to MetaLoL several times a day.

How does MetaLoL's tier list work?

We take a series of parameters for each champion including win rate, ban rate, and play rate, and predict how decent a champion appears to current players. We originally took a series of tier lists made by pros and trained weights for these stats by minimizing ((average rank in pro-tier list) - (rank predicted by the algorithm)) squared.

Why is a new champion not placed?

Champions are placed after a week of data has rolled in.

Why did you place X champion so low?

The placements are based on player performances. A low placement just means that most people aren't doing particularly well with the champion.

How do you decide which champions go into each tier?

This is a parameter that is arbitrarily set. 15% of champions are placed in tier 1, 25% in tier 2, 25% in tier 3, 20% in tier 4, and 15% in tier 5. During a champion's first week, a champion is not placed into any tier.

Win rates seem high and the weighted sum is not exactly 50%. Why?

Win rates are not conserved in this system. We collect data on Plat+ players, but keep in mind that these players may still face Gold players in their matches and should be expected to win more than 50% of the time. Additionally, we filter out outlier games / roles. Ex: Games where somebody jungles with a champion that is normally only used as a mid laner will not show up in our stats, and it is very likely that games of this type have a below 50% win rate.

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