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Patch 7.12
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LoL Solo Queue Tier List

Updated June 27, 2017
Aatrox (Jungle)
Aatrox (Top)
Ahri (Middle)
Akali (Middle)
Akali (Top)
Alistar (Bottom)
Amumu (Jungle)
Anivia (Middle)
Annie (Middle)
Annie (Bottom)
Ashe (Bottom)
Aurelion Sol (Middle)
Azir (Middle)
Bard (Bottom)
Blitzcrank (Bottom)
Brand (Middle)
Brand (Bottom)
Braum (Bottom)
Caitlyn (Bottom)
Camille (Top)
Cassiopeia (Middle)
Cho'Gath (Middle)
Cho'Gath (Top)
Corki (Middle)
Corki (Bottom)
Darius (Top)
Diana (Middle)
Diana (Jungle)
Dr. Mundo (Jungle)
Dr. Mundo (Top)
Draven (Bottom)
Ekko (Middle)
Elise (Jungle)
Evelynn (Jungle)
Ezreal (Bottom)
Fiddlesticks (Jungle)
Fiddlesticks (Bottom)
Fiora (Top)
Fizz (Middle)
Galio (Top)
Gangplank (Middle)
Gangplank (Top)
Garen (Top)
Gnar (Top)
Gragas (Jungle)
Gragas (Top)
Graves (Jungle)
Hecarim (Jungle)
Heimerdinger (Middle)
Heimerdinger (Top)
Illaoi (Top)
Irelia (Top)
Ivern (Jungle)
Janna (Bottom)
Jarvan IV (Jungle)
Jarvan IV (Top)
Jax (Jungle)
Jax (Top)
Jayce (Middle)
Jayce (Top)
Jhin (Bottom)
Jinx (Bottom)
Kalista (Bottom)
Karma (Bottom)
Karthus (Middle)
Kassadin (Middle)
Katarina (Middle)
Kayle (Middle)
Kayle (Top)
Kennen (Top)
Kha'Zix (Jungle)
Kindred (Jungle)
Kled (Top)
Kog'Maw (Bottom)
LeBlanc (Middle)
Lee Sin (Jungle)
Leona (Bottom)
Lissandra (Middle)
Lissandra (Top)
Lucian (Bottom)
Lulu (Bottom)
Lux (Middle)
Lux (Bottom)
Malphite (Top)
Malzahar (Middle)
Malzahar (Bottom)
Maokai (Top)
Maokai (Bottom)
Master Yi (Jungle)
Miss Fortune (Bottom)
Mordekaiser (Top)
Morgana (Middle)
Morgana (Bottom)
Nami (Bottom)
Nasus (Top)
Nautilus (Top)
Nautilus (Bottom)
Nidalee (Jungle)
Nocturne (Jungle)
Nunu (Jungle)
Olaf (Jungle)
Olaf (Top)
Orianna (Middle)
Pantheon (Jungle)
Pantheon (Top)
Poppy (Top)
Quinn (Top)
Rakan (Bottom)
Rammus (Jungle)
Rek'Sai (Jungle)
Renekton (Top)
Rengar (Jungle)
Riven (Top)
Rumble (Top)
Ryze (Middle)
Ryze (Top)
Sejuani (Jungle)
Shaco (Jungle)
Shen (Top)
Shyvana (Jungle)
Singed (Top)
Sion (Top)
Sion (Bottom)
Sivir (Bottom)
Skarner (Jungle)
Sona (Bottom)
Soraka (Bottom)
Swain (Middle)
Swain (Top)
Syndra (Middle)
Tahm Kench (Top)
Tahm Kench (Bottom)
Taliyah (Middle)
Talon (Middle)
Talon (Top)
Taric (Bottom)
Teemo (Top)
Thresh (Bottom)
Tristana (Bottom)
Trundle (Jungle)
Trundle (Top)
Tryndamere (Top)
Twisted Fate (Middle)
Twitch (Bottom)
Udyr (Jungle)
Urgot (Top)
Urgot (Bottom)
Varus (Bottom)
Vayne (Bottom)
Veigar (Middle)
Veigar (Bottom)
Vel'Koz (Middle)
Vel'Koz (Bottom)
Vi (Jungle)
Viktor (Middle)
Vladimir (Middle)
Vladimir (Top)
Volibear (Jungle)
Volibear (Top)
Warwick (Jungle)
Wukong (Jungle)
Wukong (Top)
Xayah (Bottom)
Xerath (Middle)
Xin Zhao (Jungle)
Yasuo (Middle)
Yasuo (Top)
Yorick (Top)
Zac (Jungle)
Zed (Middle)
Ziggs (Middle)
Ziggs (Bottom)
Zilean (Middle)
Zilean (Bottom)
Zyra (Bottom)

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